Scooter Fuel Sysytem 101!!

It all starts in the tank of course. Most scooters will have a tank located in one of three locations. Behind the seat, under the seat, or in the floor. The scooter fuel system begins here. You can refer to your manual to find your location.

The next destination of fuel from the tank in the scooter fuel system is the fuel pump. The pump will most likely look like the one pictured here. It can usually be found within a few inches from the tank and is sometimes mounted onto the bottom of the tank. Please see my videos on scooter overview to see other locations of the fuel pump. The fuel pump is most likely connected to vacuum lines, but the one we are looking for now leads to the carburetor. This is where the fuel is being pumped to. The fuel will run through a small black fuel hose into the carburetor inlet.

And that's really it! Now please note some important points. If any of the vacuum lines are kinked ever so slightly, this will stop the scooter from running. THIS IS VERY COMMON!!! If any of the fuel lines are kinked ever so slightly, it will stop the flow of fuel and stop the scooter as well. Please check and double check all lines for bends when troubleshooting your scooter!

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