The scooter carburetor is it's heart, here's the details!

The scooter carburetor on a GY6 vacuumed engine can be removed and a new one installed in about 15 minutes. But why change a carburetor before troubleshooting? Check all of the vacuum lines to be sure that none have kinked or come off. Check the fuel pump by removing the fuel line from the carburetor. Press the start button a few times to make sure that fuel is coming to the carburetor. Clean the carburetor to insure the float is not sticking from build up.

If your scooter carburetor is still the likely culprit of your scooter problem, you may need to change it. However, the spark plug, voltage regulator and other items may be the actual cause.

But just to know more about your scooter carburetor, this video gives you two and proper introduction! Be sure to come back often for more free videos!