Kids Electric ATVs and how they Compare to Gas Powered!

Kids electric ATVs versus Gas Powered ATVs! Well, I have my opinion for sure. I'm not getting into any talk about GREEN this or that, and issues of the environment. I am only interested in the performance differences between these two.

Sure they both have a place in the market. Some people have very limited space and will never go trail riding. For these fine folks, electric may be the best idea. Electric ATVs will not have the power and speed of the Gas powered ATVs. So if your looking for something with alot less get-up, go electric.

Electric ATVs can be alot less intimidating to some children. The sound and the feel of the gas powered ATV is frightening to them. If your child would like to enjoy the outdoors via an off-road vehicle but is somewhat skeptical about a gas powered ATV, then surely electric will help to ease into things.

Again, we are not discussing electric scooters or skateboards. I mean electric atvs. Electric scooters are really a pretty good idea for small kids becuase even a gas scooter is not really meant for off-road use. So, this really limits the electric scooter's shortcomings.

But if you're paying attention, I'm speaking of ATVs. You know, only off-road use with very minimal hard surface, (cement) use.

If you have'nt guessed by now, I am partial to gas powered ATVs. Yes, I sell them, but that is not why. I have sold a few electric units before as well. My main drawback for the electric ATV actually stems from my own daughter.

When my daughter was 3 years old, my mother bought her an electric Barbie jeep. She rode it that day on the cement driveway, and tried to make a few circles on the lawn. Nope. That was'nt happening. I, or someone else, had to be there to push her back onto hard ground becuase it would bog down. Well, there's only so many laps you can make on a straight driveway before that gets a bit boring. Trying to expand her course, she navigated closer to our home. Into the garage, running into our car, us, the side of the house, etc. Needless to say, this was'nt fun for either of us.

A couple of days go by and she's ready to try again. Oops! We forgot to charge it! Now it does'nt roll on cement or grass. I probably can count on one hand how many more rides she made on that thing. I got her a pink camo gas powered ATV next.

To be fair, she was a little nervous at first. But I assured her that I had governed it down and had the remote shut off ready to go in my hand. She followed beside me on my ATV and we rode into the feild behind our home. She came upon a small stick in her path. She stopped and looked worried. I stopped, looked back, and asked what was wrong. She asked if she could go over it. No doubt remembering back to the lack of power on her battery operated unit! I said sure, just roll over it. She did. And circled around and did it again, and again. She loved it. She could follow me and not be bogged down by such small obstacles.

Now don't misunderstand me. More power is not the only benefit on a gas powered ATV. But in my case, it was enough. Here are some other features you may want to consider.

1. Price is very close. A nice electric ATV will cost as much, and in some cases more, than gas powered.

2. Reliability is an issue. How far can it go on charge? Will there be a place to charge it where your heading? How long do the batteries last? How much do they cost?

3. Kids grow out of things. Kids outgrow things fast. How long will this satisfy them?

4. Resale on the gas powered unit will be better.

5. What is the weight limit on an electric ATV? It is about 200lbs. on small gas powered ATVs.

6. How about color, shape, size and style? You won't have a very big selection at the local big box retailer of ATVs. Kids can often get a gas powered ATV to match Mom and Dad's.

7. Learning. If the idea is to eventually get a gas powered ATV, why not start now? Some units are very small and can be governed down to very low speeds.

Just like electric chainsaws, weedwhackers, & cars, electric ATVs have a place in the market. They have their advantages. However in my experience, this is one area where gas reigns supreme!

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