Clean a Carburetor

Learn how to clean a carburetor in under 10 minutes. This video has no sound but is a good indication of the steps on how to clean a carburetor. This is an easy job and crucial to having a well running scooter.

When you attempt to clean a carburetor for the first time, please first examine the way the carburetor is installed. Perhaps draw a simple diagram to ensure that it will be put back together properly. Also, purchase a good carburetor cleaning spray or solution to dip the parts in.

You should only attempt to clean a carburetor when you have exhausted the obvious. Make sure that you have checked for other problems that I have gone over in my articles. Check for spark first. Check that there are no pinched or kinked fuel lines or vacuum lines. A KINKED VACUUM LINE IS ALMOST ALWAYS THE PROBLEM ON SCOOTERS NOT PERFORMING WELL IF THEY ARE FAIRLY NEW.